Top 19 Best SEO Extension For Google Chrome

Top 19 Best SEO Extension For Google Chrome

Top 19 Best SEO Extension For Google Chrome You Must Try it.

Get The New ideas to improve n SEO Technique and see the analytics of competitors instantly.

(1)Mozbar :- Google provides us many extensions Mozbar is one of them,which means ‘you have something that makes yours seo easy and fast by some metrics and site analysis tools…which is absolutely free

(2)Keyword Surfer :- keyword surfer is that tool which helps you too see the direct serch volume in google search engine…which means you have to write a target word and you just have to press enter….it is also called volume checker

(3)Similar web :- this is one of best web to analysis and compare the data of any kind of web..bassically its a statistics of your business……which has pro version also…it is a seo friendy web to increase your traffic and business

(4)Buzzsumo :- if you wanna give content to audience you need to know what they want..right?..buzzsumo is that tool which helps you to find what is popular content among the internet…popular,trending and buzzing just like its name!

(5)Google Trends :- so if you wanna find a keyword into amount of volume of searches google trends is the best tool for you…..simply trends define numbers of search volume in demanded time.

(6)Serpstat:- Serpstat which is again a SEO tool,who provides Keyword database..the type called “saas” for seo/ppc, they want to saw us how often domain is showen in the search results…

(7)Ahrefs Seo Tool :- basically its works like alarm for your web, whenever you got seo issues the tool will helps you to make your seo heath better,it is also kept looking on your old and new backline….you can call it analysis tool also because its always analyse your moniter..

(8) Impactana :- again its a maketing tools to provide your best content to your deserving audience through facebook ,twitter,pinterest,and google+.its give you the signals for identify you kind of audience,audience that you want.

(9)Google Lighthouse:- as i previous told google makes our life better with this tools, so this tool is specially for developers.Which creates open source where any developer can improve the quality of their page, its audits  loads ,accessibility and seo of the web….in short it is worth it for the creative developers

(10) Link Miner :- link miner is that tools which fix your broken links  through overview it and pulls the broken metrics of those broken links…believe it or not  but google has general fixer for all the broken links in the entire world

(11)Majestic Backlink Analyzer :- this tool analyze your links without get separated. Its get smartest link to your data and build the strongest seo backlink

(12)SEO Quake :- this tool really helps you through provides you free plugin for browser that gives you organic  search numbers.i mean you got key for seo metrics and you got other tools too, like seo audit…it is also compatible opera,morzila and chrome

(13)Woorank :- so woorank is the fastest seo audit tool and digital marketing tool too,you have to just contact woorank and the check your seo through google and audit your seo instantly.

(14)Screaming Frog Seo Spider :- this tools get in your web by crawling and improve your onsite seo. By exracting data&auditing  for common seo issues.

(15)Buzz Stream :- buzzstream is digital pr and link builing tool for promote your product web weather its links,product,content and services..

(16)Seo Meta in 1 Click:– another google extension that shows all the meta data on your display, this tool is especially made for seo experts,web developers and content managers. So basically they view main seo information clearly on seo..

(17) Keyword Everywhere:- this tool you have too add on chrome and then you don’t need to find keyword specifically, this tool helps you to find he best keyword itself

(18) Fatrank :- this tool is very helpful for those who want to check keyword is right or wrong…this tool is also called keyword checker it gives you quickly report on ranking

(19) Grammarly :- this google extension helps writer…to check their spell in essay,blog, articles ..and much more….you can install it and use it like your own grammar teacher

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